Providing radiationshieldingsolutions for over25 years.

About Radiation Services

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Radiation Services Group provides a comprehensive range of services, including:


A) Radiation shielding designs (diagnostic to mega voltage).

B) Consulting services to architects and the medical & construction industry.

C) Design, fabrication, supply & installation of radiotherapy bunker doors.

D) Inspection and shielding certification of X-ray rooms.

E) Shielding integrity testing of X-ray walls, viewing panels etc.

F) Supply of lead shielded lining (plasterboard, villa board, MDF etc), shielded door sets for diagnostic suites, and specialty materials for use in radiation shielding. Including X-ray Glass (Lead Equivalent glass), Lead lined doors, frames & windows.


RSC's designs are guaranteed to meet ICRP 60 recommended standards as a minimum and, where specified, the more stringent designs constraints imposed by the end user or regulatory authority.

Our history


Radiation Services Australia Pty Ltd (RSA) was established to provide assistance to operators of radiation apparatus in the medical (therapeutic, diagnostic and nuclear medicine) industry and electron beam processing.


Radiation Services Consulting Pty Ltd (RSC) was established to specialise in design and consulting. RSC's expertise in shielding designs for high-energy radiation was readily applicable to low energy radiation, and soon after, the company expanded their services into diagnostic energy areas.