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Lead Lined Doors

Custom made to suit your needs, our radiation shielded doors are the perfect solution.


The following types of lead lined doors are commonly available:


For diagnostic and nuclear medicine purposes - Solid core with paint grade or stain grade skins, lead weight up to 170kg(15mm).


Doors are manufactured from solid wood core to which hardwood edge strips are bonded. The specified lead weight is bonded to both sides of core followed by either paint or stain grade skins. Double doors sets are usually rebated for shielding purposes.


Viewing panels are available to any specified size, with glass panels of lead equivalency of 1.6mm and 2.2mm held readily in stock.


With the recent addition of our CNC Router, Radiation services can now supply an array door protection (Commonly utilised are stainless steel, Acrovyn or Acculine) with a rebated flush finish. Please contact our friendly sales staff if you would like more information.


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