Lead Lined Doors

Custom made to suit your needs. The perfect solution.

Commercial grade Radiation Shielded doors

Radiation Services Australia are the leading manufacturer of commercial grade lead lined doors in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. We provide radiation shielded door solutions tailored to meet your specifications. Doors supplied by RSA can meet the stringent requirements for radiation shielding, fire protection, impact resistance, hygiene control, sound reduction, air-pressure and privacy.

Our doors are suitable for applications in:

  • Dental Surgeries
  • OPG/CBCT Rooms
  • Operating Theatres
  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray, CT Scan rooms)
  • PET Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Veterinary Clinics

Custom made, quality assured and tested

Lead Guage

  • To meet specifications as per the Radiation Shielding Design Report.
  • Solid core doors from 10kg.m² (0.88mm) up to 25kg.m² (2.2mm) lead lined.
  • Specialty heavy shielded doors 30kg.m² (2.64mm) + available upon request.

Door Finish

  • Custom dimensions and thickness (Min 40mm thick for standard lead guages).
  • MDF Paint grade skins as standard.
  • Laminate, Veneer Ply, Stainless Steel, Acrovyn & Acculine door protection options.

Viewing Panels

  • 1.6Pb and 2.2Pb Lead Equivalent Glass viewing panels.
  • Slide cover, Integral Venetian/Duet blind, SS Hatch and Laser Panel options.
  • See Lead Equivalent Glass for more detail.

Other options

  • 2HR Fire Rated doors available (-/120/30).
  • Supply and installation of drop seals.
  • Optional door prep and fitting of hardware (rebating, cut outs etc.)

Viewing Panel Options


Standard Glazed Viewing Panel

Our viewing panels are professionally fitted to the door using clear anodised aluminium glazing adaptor. We can provide customised viewing panel dimensions and position the viewing panel in the door to suit your project.

Viewing Panel Slide Cover

Custom made and pre-fitted over our standard configuration viewing panel. Machined finger pull to operate the unit, with the track system recessed into the door face providing an overall slimline finish. The complete slide cover assembly is supplied powdercoated in any colour of your choice.

Integral Venetian/Duet Blind

Fully sealed, easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for areas where hygene and infection control is a priority. Magnetically operated, the venetian can be tilted or lifted with ease.Integral Venetian blinds are available in either a white or silver finish. Duet block-out blinds are available in a white finish only.

Stainless Steel Swing Hatch

The premium privacy solution. Radiation Services Australia can supply custom dimension stainless steel swing hatch viewing panels for your project. Made with 304 grade stainless as a minimum, the hatch is held in the open and closed position magnetically.