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Frequently Asked Question

Below is a brief list of frequently asked questions regarding our products and radiation shielding in general.


Why does the Radiation Shielding Design Report only specify shielding to 2100mm/2400mm height?


Radiation shielding is only provided to protect occupied areas. Shielding to these heights is generally sufficient to protect those in adjacent areas. In most cases, the concrete floor or ceiling slab is sufficient to protect occupants of areas above or below the room where radiation is to be used.


It is important that this is specified by a professional Radiation shielding consultant.


Does my facility require Radiation Shielding?


Almost all facilities where radiation producing apparatus are to be used will require a radiation shielding design. Even if a facility may not require any radiation shielding, a radiation shielding design by an appropriately qualified person should be completed to determine this.


If you are unsure whether or not a radiation shielding design is required, please contact us.


Why does my Radiation Shielding Design specify a nominated thickness of Concrete, Steel or Plasterboard etc?


Lead is not the only suitable radiation shielding material. A variety of options are available. For some facilities, steel or concrete may be more suitable options. In some facilities where low energy radiation is utilised, plasterboard in the walls may provide sufficient protection.


Do you install the materials you supply?


With exception to our proprietary item Neutron door systems, No.


With this noted, all of our materials are designed to be easily installed by any builder/partitioner. Our products are accompanied by all relevant information and instructions and Radiation Services will also happily provide any back up support should you have further enquiries.


Does Radiation Services stock standard lead lined sheets or door sizes?


We currently do not stock pre-made standard sheet sizes or doors. As radiation shielding is very design dependant, all materials are custom made to suit the project needs.


If your project is time sensitive, please contact Radiation Services for current lead times and availablity for products.


Require more information? Contact our friendly team at Radiation Services for some assistance with a personal touch.


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