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Lead Equivalent Glass

Radiation Services stocks various sizes of lead equivalent glass, the perfect feature for your viewing panel or control screen needs.


Stocked full sheet sizes are:


- 1.6Pb (for applicaions up to 15kg) - 1100 x 2400mm

- 2.2Pb (for 20-25kg applications) - 1100 x 2400mm


We hand cut each order to size, however stock sizes are charged in 275mm x 300mm increments so keep this in mind when thinking about your window size to minimise wastage costs.


For smaller sizes, RSG has stocks of various offcuts. Please specify the required dimensions and we will source the most cost effective offcut size for you.


Glass can be laminated together to form higher lead equivalencies, if not available in single sheets.


RSG Can also supply the recommended option of safety film to meet Australian Standard AS1288-2006. This is a stabilising Micron safety film which is adhered to one side of the glass. (Due to the nature of the glass some slight visual imperfections may occur.)


Other lead equivalencies available, please contact Radiation Services for more information.


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