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Neutron Doors

Radiation Services is the only manufacturer of Neutron Doors in Australia.



Door & Frame - For swing doors the frame is designed to be removable and reusable. This is an important feature to allow for equipment upgrades or relocation in the near future.


Our hinge design is field proven in over 45 door systems without a single reported failure. Hinges are manufactured fully by RSA in Australia and use an axial cylindrical roller bearing. Both the bearings and hinge pin can be easily replaced in the field.


Door & Frame Finish - All metal surfaces are sandblasted, primed and undercoated with two pack ready for finish painting by others once door system is installed.


Door Opener - For hinged doors the operator is a hydraulic 100 degree actuator. A small single phase pump stand with oil reservoir is located above false ceiling close to neutron door. Under normal operation the door speed for closing and opening is set for generally 10 seconds but is variable and can be set to suit the site conditions. The door opener drive is connected directly to the top hinge block eliminating drive arm protruding into door opening. For sites with minimum head clearance this allows for maximum clear opening. The drive arm is spring loaded and can be easily disconnected from the hinge block allowing for manually operation in case of the unlikely event of component failure. The operator is set so one person can push or pull the door open in an emergency, such as a power failure. Opener pressure is set so a person can stop motion easily by holding onto door.


For sliding doors the operator is pneumatic with air supply either provided by the Hospital or air compressor supplied with system. All other functions remain the same as for swing type door system.


Control Stations - Normally three door stations are supplied, each with OPEN, CLOSE and as required STOP buttons. Location both sides of door and near accelerator control console. Door position status lights to be located near accelerator console if door not able to be seen from control area.


Door operation - Momentary press of either open or close buttons will initiate the open or close cycle. If fitted with STOP function door can be stopped during close or open cycle. Depending on type of collision protection used and safety circuitry door may be inhibited until obstacle cleared.


Collision Protecion - As the neutron doors can weigh in excess of 1000Kgs it is essential that collision protection be incorporated to prevent harm to human or material objects. We have investigated a wide range of collision systems and have settled on the floor pressure mats as our primary system. Mats are placed on both sides of the door so as to prevent personnel from getting close enough to be injured. If the door is in motion and if any of the mats is activated the door will stop. Once the activating pressure is removed pressing either the CLOSE or OPEN button will reactivate the door. Control circuitry is incorporated so that either open/close or only close cycle is affected by the collision protection system. The feature is set on site by customer decision. Mats have been in operation since the mid 1980's and have proven to be the most reliable system.


In an emergency situation (accelerator power off) the door is programmed to open and remain open until power is returned to the accelerator. A 24VDC source is required from the accelerator for this feature.


Door Interlocking - Door(s) will be interlocked so that accelerator cannot be turned on in high x-ray mode unless the door is fully closed. Interlocking is through an industrial grade micro switch mounted within the door frame and does not protrude in the clear opening. Connection of the interlock to the accelerator is by others.


Due to the nature of this equipment, our highly specialised team design, manufacture and complete the installation for you.


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