Radiation Services Australia

The experts in radiation shielding products.

Lead Wall Lining

To suit design specifications.

Radiation Sevices Australia can supply a wide variety of lead lined substrate to suit any wall or ceiling application for your project.

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Lead Lined Doors

Custom made to suit your needs.

Radiation Services Australia are specialist manufacturers of commercial grade lead lined doors. Quality assured and tested.

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Lead Equivalent Glass

Optimum protection & visual transparency.

Radiation Services Australia is the national distributor of the German made Schott AG RD 50® Lead equivalent glass.

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Radiation Screens

Mobile or Fixed Radiation Screen Solutions.

Radiation Services Australia can supply pre-fabricated radiation screens. We have a range of standard screen types and can also custom make to suit your specifications.

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Caution Radiation Signs

Protect the health and safety of your personnel.

Radiation Services Australia can supply Caution Radiation Signs which are required to be fitted to entry doors to a radiation room.

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Radiation Warning Lights

Protect yourself with cutting edge components.

Radiation Services Australia can supply Radiation Warning Lights. Our lights use LED technology with up to 100,000 hour lamp life

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Neutron Shielded Doors

Specialised High Energy Shielding Systems.

Radiation Services Australia are the only manufacturer of specialised Neutron and High Energy Shielded Door systems in Australia.

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