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Complete Shielding Packages

NEW: Radiation Services Group can supply you with the complete radiation shielding package!


Radiation Services are now the one stop shop for your radiation shielding needs. We can supply lead lined wall linings, frames, doors & windows with lead equivalent glass to suit any fitout. We can also provide QA services as well as certification and tagging of material supplied.


To recieve a quote for the complete radiation shielding package for your project, contact our friendly RSG staff today!


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Products List

Lead Lining

Lead can be bonded to many types of wall lining including FC, Plasterboard, Ply, MDF etc to name a few.




Lead Lined Window Frames

Window frames are custom built in either pressed metal or aluminium (90mm stud only) to design specifications.

Lead Lined Doors

Doors are custom built to design specifications and can be made with or without viewing panels, as required. Hardware is generally not included.


Control Screens

Leadlined mobile or fixed control screens are available with or without vision panels to your design specifications.

Lead Lined Door Frames

Frames are custom built to design specifications. Please supply stud size, handing and thickness of materials being used either side of the stud when ordering.

Warning Lights & Signs

Radiation Warning Lights and Caution Radiation Signs are available ex stock.



Lead Equivalent Glass

Interested in lead infused glass for viewing panels, windows or mobile/fixed screens? We have an assortment of glass suited to your design specifications.

Neutron Doors

RSA are the only manufacturers of neutron doors in the southern hemisphere. We can help you from design to install in this highly specialised equipment.