Radiation Services Consulting

Shielding design, compliance and certification.

What separates us from the pack?

Class leading expertise with construction know how.

Radiation Services Consulting (RSC) are the leading experts in the field of ionising radiation shielding design and consultation within Australia and South East Asia. RSC is accredited to provide radiation shielding design, project consultancy as well as issue certificate of compliance. What separates us from the rest of the industry is our understanding of the construction process, providing unrivalled support during both the design and construction phase of your project.

RSC specialises in radiation shielding design and consultation for Dental (Intra-oral, OPG, CBCT), Diagnostic & Medical Imaging (Mammography, X-Ray Radiography, CT Scan), Operating Theatres (Endoscopy, Fluoroscopy, Cardiac Cath Lab, Hybrid Theatres), Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT facilities and Neutron Therapy (Cyclotron and Linear Accelerator bunker design)

Radiation Services can provide a complete radiation shielding design and construction solution. View our list of recent major project works below for previous experience.

Services we provide:


  • Radiation Shielding Design Reports (RSDR) including shielding calculations.
  • Radiation surveys and shielding integrity testing.
  • Assessment of an existing facility.


  • Specialist construction advice and consultancy.
  • Quality Assurance packages for your project.
  • Site briefing and inspections of shielding installation.


  • Calibration and testing of Survey Equipment.
  • Preliminary advice for costing purposes.

Ensure your facilities meet legislation and protect personnel by contacting Radiation Services Consulting today.